$15.99 USD

Moonlight is the perfect personalised, cute gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend or partner.

In this quiz game, your partner encounters a mysterious genie at a beautiful cliff side under the pale moonlight. The genie grants your partner a wish, however, in order for the wish to come true, your partner must first prove that they know you truly by heart. The genie will ask your partner questions about you and your relationship as a test of how well they know you. These questions are completely customisable! If they answer enough of them correctly, the wish will come true!

Both you and your partner get to be in this game! You can write up to five questions with multiple choice answers that the genie will ask to your partner. Additionally, you can completely personalise you and your partner's characters! After all the questions have been answered, the game will fade to black and display one final message written by you.

Moonlight runs in your browser and takes about 10 minutes to complete. It will work on iOS and Android devices as well as desktop computers, although we recommend playing on mobile.

We support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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